Undergraduate training of practitioners

A complete diploma course, accessible to all*, leading to the practice of a new profession: Practitioner in Ayurveda Medicine

  • Swiss Federal diploma of naturopath in Ayurveda Medicine

  • MedVaidya Diploma of Practitioner in Ayurveda Medicine

The undergraduate training of practitioners prepares to practice Ayurveda preventive medicine and to diagnose and treat acute and chronic pathologies according to Ayurveda at the level of primary care medicine.

  • Up to 5180 periods
  • 11 modules in 3,5 years

The course is consisting of two parts : Coremed-M and Ayurved-M. Individuals with paramedical training are not concerned by all or part of Coremed-M.

Course of training

The course of training is leading you through successive stages. Here, you will briefly discover the fields of action you will go through as a MedVaidya student, and which will allow you to plough, sow and harvest, throughout the seasons, but also to exchange: with your peers and teachers; with the support of the whole academic team; with high-performance work tools; at home; in face-to-face or virtual classes; in Switzerland; in India.

Four fields of action


Personal work and studies

At home for everyone


Regular class room training

Choice between face to face or virtual classroom


Intensive summer seminar

Choice between face to face or virtual classroom


Annual classes in India

Mandatory attendance for everyone

The seven didactic dimensions

Didactics is the art of teaching. For you, we have contributed to build an original and unique didactic concept, 7DD®, and we have engaged in its implementation for MedVaidya. The founding idea is that the student is -not only- at the centre of the concerns, but is one of the intrinsic dimensions of the method. In other words, as a new MedVaidya student, you will not find yourself lost, like so many first-year students in their new cycle of study, but taken as an essential element, almost the central cog of the methodology. You will therefore be an actor, but you will never be alone. You will be attractive, proactive and interactive. This is your guarantee of success.


  • English-language proficiency level B2/C1 allowing to follow a professional training course

  • A level (UK), High school diploma (USA) or any equivalent diploma (e.g. a vocational training certificate)

  • Be able to travel to India once a year for 3 weeks

  • The availability of a technical equipment and an internet connection to follow e-teaching sessions, e-conferences and, if necessary, face-to-face video-conferencing.

Undergraduate training modules for practitioners

Module code Content Periods
MVU 1 P/D** Fundamentals in modern medicine 1500 periods
MVU 2 P/D* Ayurveda Medicine 2630 periods
MVU 3 P/D** Health and Ethics 60 periods
MVU 4 P/D** Work as a practitioner 300 periods
MVU 5 P/D** Lead and manage a business 90 periods
MVU 6 PD* Practical training 600 periods
Total MedVaidya training 5180 periods

*Ayurved-M | **Coremed-M

Each module is concluded with an exam and is certifying.


Each module is concluded with an exam or an assessment (MVU 6) and is certifying.

Each program (AYURVED-M and COREMED-M) is concluded with a diploma.

MedVaidya diploma

The MedVaidya Diploma of Practitioner in Ayurveda Medicine is granted when all AYURVED-M and COREMED-M modules have been successfully completed.

Swiss federal diploma

Certificates for MVU 1 and 2 give access to the OrTra Ma M1 and M2 exams for official validation, while those for MVU 3-6 have official value for OrTra Ma M3, M4, M5 and M6.

Recognition of prior learning

Prior learning can be recognised by SAMA and by OrTra MA on the basis of an assessment of the candidate's application file.

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Training fees for practitioners

Training courseConditionFees
Full MEDVAIDYA training
with face to face option in 3.5 years
with simultaneous registration for AYURVED-M and COREMED-M
CHF 48'460.-
Full MEDVAIDYA training
with distance learning option in 3.5 years
with simultaneous registration for AYURVED-M and COREMED-M
CHF 34’056.-

The mentioned fees represent the totality of the training, including

  • 21 weeks of full-board accommodation in India including wifi and local transport
  • Classroom courses (face to face or virtual)
  • Permanent access to the e-teaching platform, e-conferences
  • Course materials issued by the school
  • Mentoring, coaching, cross-curricular courses
  • Practical training (on site in India)
  • Supervision by the school of the practical training on site in India
  • MedVaidya's intermediate and final examinations
  • Certificates and diplomas

The following items are not included in the prices

  • Flight tickets to India
  • Visa application fees
  • Ortra MA examination fees


  • Fees can be paid in instalments
  • 1st year payable in advance, from the second year onwards, monthly instalments are possible
  • Education grant: upon assessment of application file
  • Swiss federal subsidy: CHF 10,000 after successful or unsuccessful completion of the Swiss federal examination