MedVaidya is an academic concept for the promotion of high quality traditional Ayurveda which, through the integration of the basic knowledge of modern medicine, enables the effective practice of authentic Ayurveda in any contemporary health care system.

Modern medicine

Traditional Ayurveda

Understand what MedVaidya is all about


Vaidya is the title of the traditional ayurvedic doctors in India. It is for the depth and authenticity of the teaching that this title was bestowed on the MedVaidya concept by masters who are references for authenticity in India.

The title

The MedVaidya title is intended for an international elite of professionals in Ayurveda who will be able to contribute to spread this knowledge system according to its true principles.

The training courses

The MedVaidya concept encompasses two professional training programs adapted to clinical practice in contemporary health systems.

MedVaidya training courses are distinguishable by:

  • the respect for the transmission of authentic knowledge: participation of traditional masters in India, study of classical texts, Sanskrit and Yoga

  • the use of cutting-edge technologies and teaching methods: e-teaching with artificial intelligence, e-conferencing, in-class peer-learning, personalized mentoring and coaching.

    • e-teaching assisted by artificial intelligence favours individual progress by taking into account the needs, rhythms and availability of each student. It allows students in a class to have the same level of knowledge of the subject during face-to-face classes and links them in a network of peers. Regular tests allow constant self-evaluation and monitoring of the progress of each student by the teachers.

    • peer-learning in the classroom under the direction of the teacher serves to deepen the subject matter taught. It allows a differentiated and accelerated integration of new knowledge through the active and interactive nature of the learning process as well as through the optimal mobilization of each student's resources in the interactivity and transfer of knowledge and skills within the group.

  • their international magnitude: students, teachers and courses

    • MedVaidya training is designed for students from the West and from around the world, in order to promote the practice of Ayurveda at a high level and contribute to sustainable global health.

  • the choice of face-to-face or distance learning

    • students from both paths learn in parallel and in synch: they have face-to-face and virtual courses at the same time and meet at the end of the academic year for the seminars in India.

  • the quality of its partners: leading institutions in India and Europe.

  • their standards: Swiss regulations, WHO benchmarks, training contents inspired by the syllabus of university training for Ayurveda doctors in India.

  • the quality of its academic team which is represented by a dean, one or more principals, traditional masters and high level teachers, mostly Indian ayurvedic doctors.

  • the contextual and contemporary adaptation of traditional knowledge.

  • the vision of an important role of Ayurveda in integrative medicine.

Two diploma training courses

  • a complete undergraduate training course for future practitioners in ayurvedic medicine: 3.5 years (3 years and 4 months) of basic training plus 3 months of clinical practical training.

  • a postgraduate training course for qualified doctors: 3 modules of 1 year each for the basic training plus 6 weeks of clinical practical training.